- Private residence -
Kennet Oestergaard
Soendermarken 28
8600 Silkeborg
+45 86 87 76 40  /  +45 26 84 06 83
Born 1951
Exibited for the first time at Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 1978 Stig Winding
Art critic at Midtjyllands Avis writes:

”Kennet Oestergaard has elegantly managed to position his art between two opposites  – consciouss of shape, free flowing between two seperate traditions: The concrete abstract art’s strictest structure with it’s, on one side straight lines and strong, clean colours, and on the other side, the more expressive and organic painting with glazing colours and room for spontaneity. 
In an endless shifting back and forth between these two opposing poles, Kennet Oestergaard has developed his paintings and graphic-works and sought out the very fine balance between clairity and mystery.
There are wide gaps between Kennet Oestergaard’s exibitions, not because he lacks in either quality or quantity, but because he is prone to lose himself in the creative proces, and maybe also because he’s somewhat of a perfectionist – there’s always something that could be done better.
For the past five years, Kennet Oestergaard has primarily been lost, absorbed and in love with his work with woodcut and colouring.He has created a long series of unique woodcuts in a new and original style. This work, has accordingly left a trail to be found in his paintings and made his huge paintings even more “in a spiral between shape and chaos”.
“Thus can it be done that pictures are painted with words – But I’m sticking with line, form and colour and rejoice at the fact that the perception is greater from the back row of the church”.
- Kennart
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